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IN 3 weeks

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Join us... get a serious WINNING marketing plan ready in 3 weeks. As a senior marketing professional and teacher, I’ll coach you through it. Together we will fix your:

  • branding
  • positioning
  • target group
  • marketing channels

So you get better results: more sales.

In this 3-week program, Ill run you through the newest marketing tactics, the strongest strategies and will ask you questions that will make you shape your business.

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You will get:

  • 3 weeks of content
  • A step-by-step online tutorial
  • Realtime peer-sessions, guided by Nathalie Hogendoorn MSc
  • Unlimited access
  • Free templates

In 3 weeks, you will have revised your marketing strategy, target groups, positioning, channels and communication.

About Nathalie
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20 years of experience

In international corporates, SME’s and own businesses.

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quick and honest

you will get a frank and professional reaction to your current marketing plans. i promiss.

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marketing teacher

At Amsterdam University of applied sciences, every week since 4 years.

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Master in marketing

A university degree in marketing, a bachelor’s degree in communication

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Daily access to new content and templates.

Week 1 | Target group & Market

  • SEO research: how and why
  • Create your target group persona’s
  • Professional competition analysis

Week 2 | Positioning & Branding

  • Your positioning, mission
  • Branding insights

Week 3 | Channels & Communication

  • Communication channels: what choices to make
  • Online marketing tactics
  • Social media Algorithm insights

+ Sign up for peer-sessions whenever it suits you.

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